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Run in Any Race With Fred’s Team

Any event can be a Fred’s Team fundraiser! Make an impact on cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) with your next 5K, marathon, triathlon, or any race you have on your calendar.  

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Step 1
Sign up for an existing race
Complete the registration process for your race
Register for the walk, 5K, half-marathon, or marathon you’re doing* to raise money for Fred’s Team, or organize your own event. Please note that you are responsible for any race registration fees. *Not eligible: TCS New York City Marathon, United Airlines NYC Half, TCS London Marathon, and BMW Berlin Marathon.
Step 2
Register with Fred’s Team
Register your event with Fred’s Team
After you’ve signed up for your race, register with Fred’s Team. You can join as an individual or start a team if you are participating in your event with friends, family members, or colleagues.
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Your fundraising page
After you register with Fred’s Team, you’ll get a personal fundraising page that you can share with friends and family when you ask them to donate.
Fundraising resources
The Participant Center is your fundraising hub for sample messages, fundraising tips, donors’ contact information, and more to help you reach your goal.
Training resources
As a member of Fred’s Team, you’ll have access to our training program and coaches. Our training resources and more can be found in the Participant Center.
Step 3
Start raising money
Support cancer research at MSK with every dollar you raise
100% of your fundraising through Fred’s Team goes to pioneering cancer research at MSK. Plus, you get to choose the cancer type or area of research to support with your dollars. Whether you want to honor a loved one or be part of the next cancer breakthrough, Fred’s Team makes it possible to direct your passion into the cause that means the most to you.
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Set your goal
The suggested fundraising goal is $500, but we encourage you to aim high. You can change your goal in the Participant Center. A kick-off fee is required at registration and counts towards your goal.
Reach out for donations
Send the link to your fundraising page to friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else interested in donating to your race. Let them know that every dollar goes to cancer research at MSK.
Fred’s Team uniform
Raise $250 or more and we’ll send you a two-piece Fred’s Team uniform. Wear it proudly on race day and get ready to inspire people as you run by them.
Step 4
Get help training for your event
Use the Fred’s Team training resources
As part of Fred’s Team, you’ll have access to our official training program. Our coaches can help you get started and guide you through the training process to make sure you have the best race ever.
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