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Create an Online Fundraising Page

We’re so grateful you’d like to fundraise with Fred’s Team to support research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Learn how to create an online fundraising page with Fred’s Team and get started today. 

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Step 1
Choose a type of fundraising page
See your options below
After you select your page type, you can set a fundraising goal, personalize your page, add photos, and more.
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See page types
Give back your way
You pick an idea, we help you make it happen. Set up a page for Global Running Day, for World Cancer Day, or for no specific reason at all.
Celebrate a special life event
Have a milestone birthday coming up? An anniversary, graduation, or other special occasion? Create a page and ask for donations to your fundraiser instead of gifts.
Honor a loved one
Start a page in memory of or to honor a loved one. A Fred’s Team online fundraising page is a meaningful way to pay tribute to someone special.
Step 2
Personalize your page
Set a fundraising goal, share your story, and customize your URL
Your online fundraising page is where you’ll collect donations. It’s also a great place to share your story. Why are you raising money for cancer research at MSK? Are you fundraising to honor someone? How much money would you like to raise? Your Participant Center has the tools you need to truly make your page your own.
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Set a goal
Aim high! Every dollar you raise supports cancer research at MSK. You can change your fundraising goal at any time by logging in to your Dashboard.
Share your story
Use your page to tell your donors why you’re raising money for cancer research at MSK. The more you personalize your page, the more you’ll raise.
Customize your page link
In your Dashboard, you can change the link to your fundraising page to something easy to remember and relevant to your fundraiser. For example: /TaylorsFundraisingPage or /CaseysBirthdayFundraiser.
Step 3
Start raising money
Share your page with friends, family members, and co-workers
Use the resources in your Dashboard to help you reach out for donations. Remind people that 100% of every dollar donated to your Fred’s Team online fundraising page will go directly to cancer research at MSK. Thank you for being part of our community and making a difference!
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If you have any questions or need help fundraising with Fred’s Team, email us or reach out to your Fred’s Team contact.
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